Eton Irrigation

Eton Irrigation is a locally owned and operated company that delivers irrigation water to some 350 customers. It supplies approximately 15,000 hectares of irrigated land located 35 km southwest of Mackay in north Queensland.

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EICL Prices for 2024-25

EICL Prices for 2024-25 C (fixed) and D (variable) both up by 3% The Board has made the decision to raise the Fixed (Part C) and Variable (Part D) charges by 3% to $49.19/ML and $15.96/ML respectively.  This is considerably less than the CPI for the last 12 months...

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Eton Irrigation

Eton Irrigation operates the Eton Irrigation Scheme located near the town of Eton, 35 km southwest of Mackay in north Queensland.

How the scheme works

The scheme sources its water from Kinchant Dam, located 10km northwest of Eton. During high river flows, water is harvested from the Pioneer River into Kinchant Dam where it is distributed through a network of pump stations, channels, pipes and balancing storages.


There are 35km of open earth channels that transport water to various sections of the scheme with a further 130km of pipeline delivering water to customers.

Water uses

Irrigation water supplied by Eton Irrigation is primarily used for sugar cane.


A schematic of the Eton Irrigation scheme is shown below.

Note that the NDA Eton Headworks (highlighted below in yellow) are owned and operated by SunWater.