Customer Information

Eton Irrigation Annual Report.

Scheme Distribution Rules

To manage the water delivery to our customers, arrangements for the taking of water in the Scheme are outlined in the attached PDF. These arrangements are aimed at achieving the cost efficient and effective delivery of water to customers in the Scheme that best meets their needs

Eton Irrigation fees and charges

Temporary transfer form

Application for temporary transfer form.

Eton Irrigation Disclosure Statement 155 Water Act

If you are permanently leasing or purchasing a water allocation distributed by the DOL holder, the
current holder of the water allocation is required to give you this document
before you enter into the
lease or transfer to ensure you are aware of any obligations that apply under the DOL holder’s
distribution arrangements.

Standard Customer Distribution Contract form

Eton Irrigation Area Map

Constructed in the 1970s, the area irrigated by the distribution system is about 15,000 hectares, sourced from Kinchant Dam

Eton Irrigation Constitution

Eton Irrigation privacy policy.

Our privacy is important to us. Eton Irrigation (ACN 131 034 985) is committed to
protecting your privacy and complying with our obligations in the Australian Privacy
Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Eton Transitional Consitution.

Eton Channel Scheme Operations Manual.

This operations manual may be cited as the Eton Channel Scheme Operations

Eton Irrigation Offer Document.

Transfer of Water Allocation