The next Acrolein Injection is in 3 weeks.  Please ensure that you have enough water in storage for that period to meet your needs.

See below for the timing of the closures and the list of proposed dates for the rest of the water year.

Austin Evans

General Manager

M:- 0427 277 906


A:- P.O. Box 226, ETON QLD 4741

Closedown Schedule for Period Monday 21st February to Saturday 26th February 2022

Planned Resumption of Supply for Agricultural Customers
Reticulation AreaStop TimeStop DateRestart TimeRestart Date
OMC (1-13)7:00Mon 21st Feb7:00Thu 24th Feb
Brightley (14-54A) Abingdon (501-515)7:00Mon 21st Feb17:00Thu 24th Feb
OMC (67-95)17:00Mon 21st Feb7:00Fri 25th Feb
Vic Plains (401 -482) Oakenden Relift(127-137C))7:00Mon 21st Feb17:00Fri 25th Feb
OMC (96-140)17:00Mon 21st Feb17:00Fri 25th Feb
OMC (140A – 161)  07:00Tue 22nd Feb17:00Sat 26th Feb
OMC (156A – 165) Mt.Alice (301 – 385)  7:00Mon 21st Feb17:00Sat 26th Feb
OMC (165A – 181) Marwood (183 – 260) & (390A – 398) Munbura (261 – 299A)17:00Mon 21st Feb7:00Sat 26th Feb
  • Mt Alice Reticulation is off line for a longer period, as the storage has to be treated prior to dewatering the channel. The channel must then be refilled in order to re-instate the pump station.
Planned Acrolein Injection Dates  2022Injection period duration
  21st – 26th February 20226 days
  4th – 9th April 20226 days
  16th – 21st May 20226 days
  19th – 24th September 20226 days
  31st October – 5th November 20226 days
  5th – 10th December 20226 days