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At a Glance – in this newsletter:

  • Acrolein Injection & Weed Bucket – Injection was cancelled, in part due to the weed bucket.
  • Works Shutdown – 29th May to the 18th June, 2023.  List on the reverse.
  • Announced Allocation – 71%
  • End of the Water Year – End of March, check your balances and make any necessary trades

Acrolein Injection & Weed Bucket

The Acrolein injection planned for the 20th to the 25th March was cancelled after it was deemed to be unnecessary.  This was due to the weather, lower demand and positive early results from using the weed bucket.

The weed bucket has continued to be used to remove weed from the channel.  This has been successful enough to cancel the planned Acrolein injection.  The effectiveness of the weed bucket will be assessed and its use going forward will be based on that assessment.  That will include modifications to how it is used to get the best result possible.  This is only the first large trial, and we will continue to refine our methodology.


Works Shutdown

A reminder that a 3-week shutdown will occur so that works can be completed on the system from the


29th May to the 18th June, 2023


A list of the works planned for this year is shown on the below.

2023 Shutdown Works List

Items                                                                      Qty

  • Install Offtake Meter (SunWater)                               1
  • Desilt Channel                                                           2541m
  • Earthworks – Repair Slump                                        1
  • Replace Control Gates                                                 5
  • Replace Scour Valve                                                    2
  • Replace Air Valves                                                       25
  • Replace Isolation Valves                                              3
  • Install System Meters                                                  4
  • Replace Asbestos Barrels & Green Valves              10
  • Replace Pump Station Valve                                       1


Announced Allocation

The Announced Allocation for the new water year opened on April 1 at 71%.

Water Ordering

Please remember to order water with as much notice as possible.  During periods of low use, the channel is run below supply to limit losses and kill any water weeds that can be exposed.

End of the Water Year

EICL’s Water Year has ended, so if you have exceeded your allocation for this water year, could you please arrange a Temporary Transfer.  Also, if you have different water accounts with Sunwater and you have exceeded your allocation in one and have allocation in another could you please complete a Temporary Transfer between your water accounts.  If you require any assistance with this, please do not hesitate in contacting the Eton Irrigation Office as we are happy to help.

Austin Evans    

GM Eton Irrigation   

0427 277 906