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At a Glance – in this newsletter:

  • Acrolein Injection Program – Injection planned for the 20th – 25th March
  • Weed Bucket – Starting next week.  There may be extra loose weed in the channel.
  • Works Shutdown – 29th May to the 18th June
  • Announced Allocation – 100%
  • End of the Water Year – End of March, check your balances and make any necessary trades
  • John Byrnes Retiring – Thanks for your years of service, John.
  • Welcome Jan Singleton – Replacing Jane Pott as Financial Manager/Company Secretary
  • KDWUA Donation to CQ Rescue – $2,598.58 from the winding up of the KDWUA
  • Acrolein Closedown Schedule

Acrolein Injection Program

EICL is planning to shutdown the system to complete an Acrolein injection from the 20th to the 25th March and hereby gives 3 weeks’ notice (see the Closedown Schedule at the end of this newsletter).  This will use up the remainder of the chemical we hold.  This may be cancelled if the weed bucket (see below) or the weather/demand result in it being unneeded.  Customers will be notified if it is cancelled or postponed.

Weed Bucket

Starting next week, EICL will have an excavator with a specially built mesh weed bucket clearing weeds out of the channel.  They will be starting from the downstream end and working their way upstream. 

The channel may be run slightly lower to assist in this work whilst there are no orders, but will be run at full height when orders are in place and therefore we expect no interruption to supply.  However, there may be extra weed mobilised in the water that all customers should be aware of.  EICL will be flushing the channel and using the weed bucket at the downstream end of sections where we can, to keep the mobilised weed to a minimum.

A decision has been made to operate the excavator on only one side of the channel.  This will limit any removed weed to one side keeping the other side clear for access by EICL staff and contractors.  For most of the channel the excavator should reach to the other side of the bed, with only the opposite side of the channel left.

This will be the first widespread use of the weed bucket and it is a bit of a trial.   We will assess the effectiveness of it and modify our process as needed.  With the limited availability and increasing price of Acrolein, the weed bucket is one of the alternatives EICL is exploring.  If it is effective enough and costs are acceptable it may limit our need to use Acrolein or perhaps even eliminate its use.

Works Shutdown

EICL gives notice that a 3-week shutdown will occur from the 29th May to the 18th June so that works can be completed on the system.

Announced Allocation and End of the Water Year

The Announced Allocation was lifted on February 1 by 8% to 100%.

End of the Water Year

EICL’s Water Year ends at the end of March 2023, so if you have exceeded your allocation for this water year, could you please arrange a Temporary Transfer prior to the end of March.  Also, if you have different water accounts with Sunwater and you have exceeded your allocation in one and have allocation in another could you please complete a Temporary Transfer between your water accounts.  If you require any assistance with this, please do not hesitate in contacting the Eton Irrigation Office as we are happy to help.

John Byrnes Retiring

After nearly 45 years combined with Sunwater and now EICL, John is transitioning to retirement by going on long service leave as at the 9th February and finishing up later in 2023. 

EICL thanks John for his many years of service and wishes him well for his long service leave and retirement.

Welcome Jan Singleton – Financial Manager/Company Secretary

As noted in the last Newsletter Jane Pott has retired.  Jan Singleton has been employed to replace Jane as the Financial Manager/Company Secretary.  Jan has over 12 years experience as an Accountant primarily with Macrossan & Amiet Solicitors and J Hamilton & Associates Solicitors.  Prior to that Jan worked for Hugh Reilly Real Estate for 16 years, mostly as the Office Manager. 

KDWUA Donation to CQ Rescue

$2,598.58 that was left over from the Kinchant Dam Water Users Association upon winding up, has been donated to CQ Rescue through Eton Irrigation, as requested by the KDWUA Board. CQ Rescue greatly appreciates the donation.

Austin Evans

General Manager

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