Please be advised that the Acrolein Injection planned for next week as outlined below has been CANCELLED. This is due to low water demand and limited weed growth.

Closedown Schedule for Period Monday 12th December to Saturday 17th December 2022

Please ensure that you have enough water in storage for this period to meet your needs.

In the Eton Irrigation (EICL) channels, submerged aquatic weeds can impede the flow of water and contribute significantly to silt deposits.

Severely infested channels restrict the delivery of irrigation water to customers.

EICL uses the herbicide Acrolein to maintain reliable delivery to customers supplied via the channel.    Acrolein does not ‘kill’ the plants.   

It breaks down the aquatic weeds on contact.   This break down process can take from 2 to 7 days.

Aquatic weed growth depends on sunlight in the water column.   Water delivered in the channel, sourced from Kinchant Dam, is usually very clear and combined with the summer sun is an ideal habitat for aquatic weeds.

Because of these local conditions EICL needs to inject the channel every 5 to 6 weeks from late Sept to maintain reliable irrigation water supply.

Injection dates are planned at least 6 months in advance to facilitate planning for our customers as well as EICL.    

Advisory notices are sent to all customers 21 days before any planned injection.  

An SMS message is sent to remind customers 7 days prior to the injection.

Currently, there is no suitable alternative to this product, registered in Australia.

Austin Evans

General Manager

M:- 0427 277 906


A:- P.O. Box 226, ETON QLD 4741