Interruption to Supply

Eton Irrigation Water Supply Scheme

Eton Irrigation will be chemically treating for aquatic weed control in the channel system during the following period when water WILL NOT be available.

29th March 2021 until 3rd April 2021

Customers should ensure that they have adequate storage for this period.

Customers are requested to cease pumping at the times stipulated for their respective areas. This will prevent pipelines being drained and reduce the possibility of having to refill these lines. Details of the stipulated times shown on below. The planned program for the year are shown below and are on the Eton Irrigation website.

Should you be unsure as to whether this will affect you, please do not hesitate to call John Badger at Eton Irrigation on 0417 798 913 for clarification. Please have all your offtake numbers available.

Closedown Schedule for Period Monday 29th March 2021 to Saturday 3rd April 2021

Planned Resumption of Supply for Agricultural Customers
Reticulation AreaStop TimeStop DateRestart TimeRestart Date
OMC (1-13)7:00Mon 29th Mar7:00Thu 1st Apr 
Brightley (14-54A) Abingdon (501-515)7:00Mon 29th Mar17:00Thu 1st Apr   
OMC (67-95)17:00Mon 29th Mar7:00Fri 2nd Apr 
Vic Plains (401 -482) Oakenden Relift(127-137C))7:00Mon 29th Mar17:00Fri 2nd Apr 
OMC (96-140)17:00Mon 29th Mar17:00Fri 2nd Apr 
OMC (140A – 161)                         07:00Tue 30th Mar17:00Sat 3rd Apr 
OMC (156A – 165) Mt.Alice (301 – 385)  7:00Mon 29th Mar17:00Sat 3rd Apr  
OMC (165A – 181) Marwood (183 – 260) & (390A – 398) Munbura (261 – 299A)17:00Mon 29th Mar7:00Sat 3rd Apr  

Mt Alice Reticulation is off line for a longer period, as the storage has to be treated prior to dewatering the channel. The channel must then be refilled in order to re-instate the pump station.

Planned Acrolein Injection Dates  2021/22Injection period duration
  29th March – 3rd April 20216 days
  20th – 25th September6 days
1st – 6th November 20216 days
6th – 11th December 20216 days
10th – 15th January 20226 days
14th – 19th February 20226 days