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At a Glance – in this newsletter:

  • Annual General Meeting – held 24th November 2022 at the Eton Fire Shed
  • Rules Change Discussion Paper – Proposals voted on at the AGM
  • Director Election – John Muscat and John Palmer re-elected
  • End of the Water Year – End of March, check your balances and make any necessary trades
  • Announced Allocation – 92%
  • Price Changes – Fixed $45.23 to $47.76.  Variable $15.51 to $15.50.  All other prices unchanged.
  • Acrolein Injection Program – Still no further chemical from the supplier
  • Changes to the Water Statement – Streamlined for better information
  • Contracts for Electrical Services & Preferred Supplier list for Wet Hire of Plant – Tenders now open
  • Jane Pott, Finance Manager/Company Secretary Retiring – Thanks for your years of service, Jane.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on the 23rd November 2022 at the Eton Fire Shed.  Copy of the minutes will be posted on Eton Irrigation Web Page for review.

Result of Rules Change -AGM

As per Discussion Paper that was sent to all members in early September, the proposals went to a vote at the recent AGM in November and the result for the proposals were: –


  • Allow New Small S&D Outlets – This proposal will not be proceeding as it did not get the required votes
  • Alter Notice Periods for Shutdowns: – This proposal was unanimously supported by all, so the changes to the rules will be made to reflect the proposal.


Director Election

The member director John Muscat was re-elected unopposed so will now serve another three (3) years as a board member for Eton Irrigation Cooperative Ltd.

The non-member director John Palmer was also re-elected for another term on the EICL board.

The EICL team would like to congratulate both directors on their re-election and look forward to working with them.

End of the Water Year

EICL’s Water Year ends at the end of March 2023, so if you have exceeded your allocation for this water year, could you please arrange a Temporary Transfer prior to the end of March.  Also, if you have different water accounts with Sunwater and you have exceeded your allocation in one and have allocation in another could you also complete a Temporary Transfer between your water accounts.  If you require any assistance with this, please do not hesitate in contacting the Eton Irrigation Office as we are happy to help.

Announced Allocation

The Announced Allocation was lifted on November 1 by 5% to 92%.


Price Changes

At the December meeting the Board set the pricing for the 2023-24 financial year: July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024.

In accordance with Section 9.2 of the Eton Irrigation Cooperative Standard Customer Distribution Contract for the Eton Channel Scheme, 6 months’ notice was emailed and texted to customers of the changes to the Charges: 

  • Medium Priority Allocation Charge – Distribution Part C (fixed) rises from $45.23/ML to $47.76/ML,
  • Medium Priority Allocation Charge – Distribution Part D (variable) changes from $15.51/ML to $15.50/ML

These changes are in line with the price path set out in the Eton Irrigation Offer Document.

All other charges remain the same.  A list of all Eton Irrigation Charges for 2023-24 in the notice on the website. The current charges (2022-23) can be found on the website at on the Customer Information tab.

Acrolein Injection Program

EICL has received no more Acrolein from the supplier.  Due to the cancellation of the planned December injection, we have enough chemical to complete one injection.  This will be done if it is deemed needed and customers will be notified.


Changes to the Water Statement

The system EICL uses to track water and generate the Water Statements has been upgraded.  Whilst doing this the opportunity was taken to streamline the Water Statement and change its appearance.  If you desire any changes or additions to the Water Statement, please let us know because it is much easier to make changes in the new system.


Contracts for Electrical Services and Preferred Supplier list for Wet Hire of Plant

EICL is in the process of putting in place new contracts for Electrical Services and Preferred Supplier list for Wet Hire of Plant.  EICL does not have these skillsets as part of our core team, so we look to filling this gap with suitably qualified contractors.  The tenders for both of these can be found on our website:-

Supplier | Eton Irrigation Scheme

If you know of anyone who may be able to fulfil these roles, please get them to complete the tender process or give us a ring.


Jane Pott, Finance Manager/Company Secretary

After over 20 years with Sunwater and now EICL, Jane is transitioning to retirement by going on long service leave at the end of February and finishing up later in 2023. 

Recruitment is under way to find a replacement who will be able to fulfill the requirements of the role into the future.

Jane would like to take this opportunity to say farewell to all the customers that she has had dealings with over the years and thank them for their support.  It has been a pleasure working in the Eton Irrigation Scheme.

EICL thanks Jane for her years of service and wishes her well for her long service leave and retirement.






Austin Evans

GM Eton Irrigation 0427 277 906